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    Nexea is an Angel Investment Network that brings venture capital funding or seed money to Startups.


About Our Angel Investor Network

Angel Investors’ Investments

We specialise in not just funding & seed money but creating value via our mentors’/ angel investment network and experience. We have highly experienced mentors &  angel investors that have grown companies from scratch and have even done Trade Sales and IPOs within Malaysia & the ASEAN Region.

20+ Startups Funded
<1M Investment Range
20+ Experienced Startup-Mentors
5M+ Funds Deployed
Nexea – The Vision

To Support both startups and investors in creating valuable businesses

Startup Support with a full ecosystem – networks, mentors, shared services, consulting, and funding & seed money. We do this via very experienced businessmen as mentors, who also double as angel investors in our angel investment network.

We support angel investors by handling the entire investment process and its painful tasks and processes like finding startups, evaluating them, all the way to tedious paperwork.

Investment Categories

We invest in high growth startups.

These are just some categories we like:

Big Data
F&B Tech
Logistics Tech
Industry Tech
Real Estate Tech
Edu Tech
Legal Tech
Agro Tech

Startup Discovery

Our Angel Investment Network discovers startups around the South-east Asian Region and picks only the best startups to invest in.

Startup Investments

We fund startups using seed money with Angel Investors and Mentors that can add a tonne of value to help grow the business tremendously.

Support Ecosystem

We don’t just invest in Startups with seed money, but also provide them with huge Startup Value Creation by providing mentors and consultants to help Startups grow Steady & Fast.

Nexea ASEAN Startup Investment and seed money
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