Startup Accelerator in Malaysia

Nexea works with WatchTower & Friends in Malaysia to bring startups a quality accelerator program experience.

Program Details

How We Choose & Support Startups.

50K for Equity

We Fund Startups RM50k in exchange for Equity and Mentorship during the program. This accelerator in Malaysia is targeted mostly at Malaysian Startups.

The 4-Month Program

We guide Startups through a 4-month program with the goal that most Startups will be able to raise funds at the end of the program. This is done by improving traction, overall strategy, and the overall strengthening of the fundamentals of a Startup with the guidance of mentors.
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Our Mentors

Our mentors are real businessmen that have exit/sold their business, or currently run a public listed company. Most of them have experienced running a company from scratch to finish.
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