Startup Selection Is Beyond Just Numbers

Nexea Startup Funding for High Potential Startups – We Support Startups With Successful Entrepreneurs as Mentors, Shared Services, and Consulting.


How We Choose & Support Startups.


We Screen and Evaluate Startups In The Market Thoroughly

We do startup funding with the best startups using our strict set of criteria which includes the Founders, Timing, Market, Product, Traction & Financials. We also see how our Investors & their Extensive Network can help startups gain a strong foothold in the industry. We also look at how our Consultants’ Expertise can help startups in areas like Technology and Regional Expansion.

Screening Review of Pitch & Deck
Evaluating Review of Business Plan
Deciding Review by Investment Board

Startup Funding

We Do Startup Funding With Smart Money and More

We find the best Investors that are able to help startups grow quickly and steadily by providing startups with Unfair Advantages like Immediate Access to existing Markets or a long-term mutually beneficial Partnership. Our Investors have always been glad to share their years of Industry Knowledge and Experience that help Startups avoid Learning Curves and therefore boost Growth.

Due Diligence Final Checks on Startup
Discussion Finalising Deal Details
Investment Signing & Transfer

startup funding


We Support Startups With The Best Mentors, Consulting and Shared Services.

We ensure startups get the right support through our Ecosystem of Support that ensures burn rates remain in control, and mistakes are being reduced. We also work towards cutting Learning Curves by riding the Investor’s’ experience. We follow up with startups to ensure their Financials and Business Plan are on track at all times.

Nexea Support Consulting & Shared Services
Mentoring By Experienced Entrepreneurs
Follow Up Ensuring Startup Meets Success

Investment Categories

We invest in high growth startups.

These are just some categories we like:

Big Data
F&B Tech
Logistics Tech
Industrial Tech
Real Estate Tech
Edu Tech
Legal Tech
Agro Tech
Investment Stages

We invest in the following Startup Stages

Seed Stage

We are looking to fund Seed Stage Startups that have finalised their business plan, and now look to do Market Testing. This includes startups that need to test the product, validate Market Demand, and build Revenue Traction.

Early-Growth Stage

We are looking to fund Early Stage Startups that have some proven Revenue Traction and now aim to duplicate that success at a larger scale. This includes Startups that need to expand their current market, and overseas markets.

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Let’s Build Greatness Together

We strive for win-win deals. Introduce yourself, and let’s take your startup to new heights.

Sending us a pitch deck makes the process faster.If you do not have one: Pitch Deck Guide