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Via our Startup Investment Group, we offer investors a great way to diversify their investments over many high-quality startups in a startup investor network to spread risk and increase portfolio stability.

We group highly experienced industry expert investors in our network to bring a stronger impact on the startups we invest in so that startups are able to take off strong and steady.

Is the Nexea Startup Investment Group a good fit for you?
Lack of Time

Investors generally do not have time to find and follow-up with 20-30 Startup Investments all on their own.

Difficult to Diversify

Investors generally want to invest in 20-30 Startups to controlled risks, but it is hard to do so without an Investment Group or Network.

Lack of Deal Quality

Finding quality Investments is hard work, even in as a Startup Investor network. Out of hundreds, our Team has only invested in a very small fraction of startups.

Legal & Paperwork

Not everyone is well versed in startup negotiation, including the Term Sheet, Due Diligence, and Legal matters.

Benefits of the Nexea Startup Investor Network

Spread Your Risk Across Startups

Invest in more startups with the same amount of investment capital by investing with an Investment Group. This lowers the risks of startup investment drastically.

Share Experiences Among Investors

Particularly useful for new Investors, we encourage members to share their Investment & Business Experiences. Increase the success rate of startup investment together.

Startup Support

Nexea provides a startup ecosystem that supports the Startups. This includes Shared Services & Consulting. Increase the probability that your startup investment will succeed.

Quality Startup Deal Flow

Nexea does the heavy work of Filtering hundreds of Startups to bring you only the best Investment Opportunities, based on our Startup Investment Funnel.

Startup Portfolio Management

The Nexea portfolio allows Investors to know and understand exactly how their startup investment portfolio is doing on a regular basis. Keep track of your startup investments.

Investment Reporting

The Nexea Startup ‘Investability’ Reports allow Investors to understand on a high level how their Startup investments are doing on a regular basis.

Investment Knowledge

The Nexea Team is available to guide Investors on the matters of Startup Investments.


How We Choose & Support Startups.

Startup Evaluation

We Screen and Evaluate Startups In The Market Thoroughly

We find the best startups using our strict set of criteria which includes the Founders, Market, Product, Traction & Financials. We also see how our Investors & their Extensive Business Network can help startups gain a strong foothold in the industry. We also look at how our Consultants’ Expertise can help startups in areas like Technology and Regional Expansion. Screening Review of Pitch & Deck Evaluating Review of Business Plan Deciding Review by Investment Board

Startup Investment

We Fund Startups With Smart Money and Value Creation

We find the best Angel Investors that are able to help Startups grow quick and steady by providing Startups with Unfair Advantages like Immediate Access to existing Markets or a long-term mutually beneficial Partnership. Our Investors have always been glad to share their year’s of Industry Knowledge and Experience that help Startups shorten learning curves and therefore boost Growth. Due Diligence Final Checks on Startup Discussion Finalising Deal Details Investment Signing & Transfer

Startup Support & Value Creation

We Support Startups With The Best Mentors, Consulting and Shared Services.

We ensure Startups get the right Support through our Ecosystem of Startup Support that ensures burn rates remain in control, and that mistakes are avoided. We also work towards cutting Learning Curves by riding on the Investors’ Experiences. We follow up with Startups to ensure their Financials and their Business Plan are on track at all times. Nexea Support Consulting & Shared Services Mentoring By Experienced Businessmen Follow Up Ensuring Startup Meets Success

Startup Investment Group
Startup Investment Funnel

Pitched to Us

We see hundreds of startups every year that pitch and/or send us their startup information. We filter startups according to our Investment Methodology.



We talk to most startups to ensure proper screening of investment deals. We then produce an Investment Report based on meetings and information given.



These are the cream of the crop startups. Our Investors have invested in 20+ startups out of the 800+ available investment deals.

Angel Investor Application Information

Before you join the Nexea Startup Investment Group

Registered High Net Worth Individual

All Applicants must be a Sophisticated Investor to be an Angel Investor – This ensures that all our Angel Investors understand that this is a High Risk & High Return Investment.

Giving Back to Startups

Our investors are also mentors to the startups that we invest in. This gives the investments of the Nexea Investment Group a strong push towards success. Thus it is important that Investors are willing to give back in the form of Knowledge, Experience, and Connections.

Fair Fee Structure

The Nexea Investment Group operates on a Performance Fee, that aligns the interests & rewards of both investors and the Management Team completely and proportionately in a fair manner. Get in touch to understand more.

Risk Warning
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Let’s Create Value Together

Let’s Invest Together! Sign up using this quick form to indicate your interest in joining the Nexea Angel Investor Network. We will contact you shortly with the next steps to join our group as an angel investor.


Angel Investor Resources

Below are some resources for Angel Investors interested in investing in Malaysian or South-east Asian Startups.