Tech Outsource / Joint Venture Beyond Development

Tech Outsource by Nexea provides Startups with unparalleled development expertise for the price of our developer costs plus equity. We follow through With Highly Experienced Developers, Future Proof (Scalable) Architecture, Full Handover, and Mentoring.

Danny Lee




Scalable server architecture, data analytics & machine learning

>15 years of development in Southeast Asia


Tech Outsource Process

How We Provide You Tech Beyond Development

1.  Startup Selection + Evaluation

We Study the Business Model & Business Workflows
We go through a thorough process of understanding the startup’s business and the entrepreneur’s vision in order to lay the foundations of a strong and scalable technology architecture. We ensure that such architectures are future proof and can be duplicated easily while being flexible enough in the quickly-changing environment startups are in.

2. Conceptualisation + Development

We Work With the Startup to Realise a Great Product

Together with startups we conceptualise and build great products with solid backends that can handle high growth rates and even multiple tiers and countries, depending on the customer needs. We have built web-apps, mobile-apps, data-driven AI / machine learning backends and even e-commerce systems for applications like logistics, data-insights, SaaS platforms, online shopping, business management, and more.

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3. Support / handover / Mentoring

We Provide Training & Full Handover For Long Term Success

We follow through with Support, Training & Mentoring depending on the startup requirements. Startups will own the Tech completely and will be able to develop their Product going forward to ensure self-sustainability. There will be no holding of source code or ‘breach of warranty’.

Development Profile

We have built the following for high growth startups.

We have a strong development team backed by 3 tech partners in building the following software categories. We specialise in data driven software that are highly scalable. We have a strong focus on customer experience and business/operations optimisation.

Big Data
F&B Tech
Logistics Tech
Development for Equity

Why Do We Take Equity?

Experienced Tech Experts are Expensive

We partner with you to bring international-grade tech experts without you having to absorb heavy expenses, but instead structuring an equity deal to have us as your partner in development.

We are In for the Long Run, as Partners

We partner with strong startups in an Equity deal to show our commitment to startups. The only way for us to succeed is for our startups to succeed first.

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Let’s Build Greatness Together

We strive for win-win deals. Let us know what you need, and let’s take your startup to new heights.

Sending us a pitch deck makes the process faster.If you do not have one: Pitch Deck Guide