Top 10 Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

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Top Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

Here are the top accelerators in Malaysia (in no particular order). They are mostly startups accelerators in Kuala Lumpur. One of them is in Johor. Note that not all accelerators are suitable for every Startup. Choosing the right accelerator depends on what your Startup lacks. If the weakness of your startup or founding team is the access to the industry or market, then perhaps the corporate accelerators would be better. If you are looking for strong mentors that dedicate more time to helping your team, then the private accelerators with smaller batches will be better. If you would like a classroom-style or educational based accelerator, then perhaps the larger batch accelerators are suitable.

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Government Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

startup accelerators in malaysia

MaGIC Startup Accelerator

The Magic Startup Accelerator is a large-scale accelerator (50-100 per batch) set up by the Malaysian Government. They run mostly based on a classroom model. The program is 4 months. Rm1000/month allowance. RM30k in 15 weeks. Mentors are mostly other startup founders. They mostly accept startups with some form of early stage traction – especially revenue traction.

Private Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

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Watch Tower & Friends Accelerator

Watchtower is a private accelerator run by Sam Shafie and Nexea’s lead investors. RM50k for 8% in 4 months. Idea stage startups can apply. The mentors are mostly experienced businessmen and angel investors.

f6s / The Hangout Startup Accelerator in Johor

No key info on their site.

1337 Accelerator

1337 Startup Accelerator is run by 1337 Ventures. RM10k for x% of Equity is awarded to Startups. Mentors are the 1337 Founders.

Cyberlab/FinNext Startup Accelerator in Cyberjaya

CLLA (Cyber Lab Living Accelerator) is run by FinNext, the people behind the Fintech association in Malaysia. Resources worth RM50k (not in cash) in 5 months.

MAD Incubator

Idea Stage Startups can apply. No other key Info on their site.

Corporate Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

corporate accelerators malaysia

Sunway iLabs Incubator & Accelerator

Sunway iLabs is a brand new Incubator + Accelerator located at Bandar Sunway. They run a 12-week program with funding in exchange for equity. The mentors are mostly from Sunway.

Tunelabs Startup Accelerator

The accelerator is run by Tune Labs (Airasia has common owners). The mentors are mostly Tunelabs staff. Minimum MVP Stage Startups. No other key info on their site.

Hong Leong Bank Startup Accelerator

HLB Launchpad Startup Accelerator is run by Hong Leong Bank. RM25k in 12 weeks. Their mentors are mostly Hong Leong staff. 

DiGi Startup Accelerator in Bangkok (Recruitment in Malaysia)

Digi Startup Accelerator is run by Telenor group (mother company) – which is why the actual program is in Bangkok. Undisclosed resources (not all in cash) for 5-10% equity. Mentors are mostly Digi staff.

Accelerator Reviews in Malaysia

To remain completely transparent and neutral, we do encourage accelerator participants to review their accelerators in the comments below. Help out your fellow entrepreneurial founders find the right fitting accelerators. These startup accelerator reviews will greatly help the new and upcoming founders of Malaysia.

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