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Our IT Development outsource/partnership for Startups specialises not just in development but also in creating value via our mentors and angel investors in Malaysia & ASEAN. We follow through With Highly Experienced Developers, Future Proof (Scalable) Architecture, Full Handover, and Mentoring. The IT Outsource Development by NEXEA is different because we create value with dedicated startup support and successful businessmen that no other development houses provide.

We recommend & develop both MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) or even full software developments for Startups depending on their financial situation and their business strategy. We are able to advise both on the IT Development side as well as the Startup business side via our Tech experts as well as our Startup mentors (actual successful entrepreneurs or businessmen).

IT Development Partnership – Equity Deal Structure

In addition to the usual contract deals, we are also able to do equity deals for Startups. This means we are able to receive payments in a combination of cash and equity to save costs on Startup IT development. This benefits Startups because we take less in cash value in order to reduce costs, and it also benefits us if your Startup exits at a better value. It also ensures that we work hard on the development because we are now in the same boat to success.


Our Tech Partner Guiding Startups in Malaysia

Danny Lee


Danny practiced over 15 years of tech development managing millions in IT equipment and development. Danny has developed multi-national scalable software across Southeast Asia, while managing tech teams around the region. He has built IT software in the areas of big-data analytics and machine learning for intelligence Startups. He has also built scalable SaaS and business workflow solutions. Our team has also built (and highly customised) logistics software, on-demand software, e-commerce software, and booking software for Startups that need stable and reliable development.

All software are built with a scalable server architecture in mind, as Startups need to expand quick. In addition, all Startup IT developments come with full handover and mentoring as we aim to add value to the internal team of Startups that we help.


NEXEA Startup Outsource Development BENEFITS

The 3 Value Creation Engines of Our Startup Development Partnership

  • Startup Technology Development Partner

    Our Startup Technology Development team specialises in developing MVPs for Startups to be able to go to market at a lower cost. Our team consists of 3 IT experts who have built software for multi-national startups in the areas of AI/machine learning and big data. Now, they are helping Nexea Startups build the next big thing. We only develop for Startups that we have invested in.

  • Startup Foundation Consulting

    Every skyscraper has a foundation. Our Startup Funding team consists of people experienced in the startup industry as well as specific business segments and management skills. We help guide our Startups to build a strategic and sustainable foundation to be able to grow fast and steady. Those guiding Startups are currently or were COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and Lawyers of successful businesses.

  • Real Mentoring By Successful Businessmen & Angel Investors

    Our angel investor network includes seasoned entrepreneurs that have experienced starting businesses from scratch and have succeeded in performing Trade Sales and IPOs. They seek to give back to the business community by sharing their knowledge. Some of them are angel investors in Malaysia, and the rest are in ASEAN.


Our Information Technology (IT) Partners

Our Startups get access to huge benefits from our IT partners

Our Startup IT Outsource Partnership provides Startups with help that allows them to test their technology with the help of tech giants. These benefits help Startups develop their MVP or even their full product on the cloud with full access to the latest IT infrastructure and platforms in the market today.

NEXEA Startups are eligible for $10,000 USD in Amazon AWS Promotional Credit for 2 years plus $5000 AWS Business Support for 1 year. This includes access to the AWS Technical and Business Essentials web-based (or instructor-led) training ($600 value per course) and 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value)
Microsoft Azure Bizspark - Startup Fund Malaysia
Nexea Startups are eligible for 5x $150/mo free cloud computing services, including software such as Office. BizSpark puts all Microsoft development and test software at your fingertips, including Azure, Windows, Visual Studio, Office and SQL Server for free. Plus, enjoy access to hundreds of free training classes and technical content to help you on your journey.


Nexea Tech Development Partnership Portfolio

We have developed software solutions for these Startups as their Outsource Development Partner

We do not reveal the names of Startups that we develop software with as some choose to remain private and others require security due to the competitive nature of the Startup Industry. Hence we can only reveal the industries that these Startups are in.

Big Data

Startups that need to process terabytes of data often to produce deep insights


Startups that wanted tech team development to sell software based subscriptions


Startups that needed a tech partner for Mobile based software


Startups that needed outsource development in the Food & Beverage industry


Startups that needed Logistics management software to scale


Startups that wanted development for highly scalable & customised E-commerce software

On Demand

Startups that wanted on demand software development for scalable growth


Startups that needed deep insights analysis for multiple sources of data


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Partners of Our Startup Fund and Angel Investors in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

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mban business angel network - angel investor network
wtf accelerator - angel investor network
myharapan social enterprise funding - angel investor network
pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network
magic malaysia accelerator - angel investor network


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